Teco series LED downlight OEM adjustable LED downlight 10w rimless downlight Led suitable for hotels and clubs

Short Description:


• Modular design;

• kinds of sizes optional

• Versatile for variety of mountings;

Applications: offices, schools, communication areas,etc

MOQ: 200pcs

Supply ability: 10000pcs per month

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• Color Matt White(RAL9016), Matt Black(RAL9005)

• Material Housing: Aluminium

• Lens: PMMA

• Louver: PC


• Lumen: 500lm@1x1,1000lm@1x3 / 1000lm, 1500lm@2x2&1x5 / 2000lm,3000lm @3x3&1x10

• CCT: 3000K, 4000K

• CRI: >80Ra

• UGR: C0<19, C90<19 (X=4H, Y=8H)

• SDCM: ≤ 3


• Efficacy: 100lm/W

• Wattage: 5W@1x1, 10W@1x3 / 10W, 15W@2x2 &1x5 / 20W, 30W@3x3&1x10

• Voltage: 200-240V

• Frequency: 50/60Hz

• THD: <15%


• Lifespan: 50000H(L90, Tc=55°C)

• Warranty: 5 years

• Operating: -35~45°C

• IP Protection: IP20

• IK Protection: IK05

Product name Teco downlight
Material Housing:Steel; Lens:PMMA; Louver:PC Color Matt Black(RAL9005);Matt White(RAL9016);
Size 2*2 3*3 1*3 1*5 1*10
Wattage 10W±10% 15W±10%  20W±10% 30W±10%  10W±10% 15W±10%  10W±10% 15W±10%  20W±10% 30W±10% 
Lumen 1000lm1500lm 2000lm3000lm 1000lm1500lm 1000lm1500lm 2000lm3000lm
Voltage 200-240V 50/60Hz Efficacy 100lm/W
CRI   >90Ra CCT 3000K, 4000K
Beam  24°,36°,50°,75°x75°,35°x75°,Asymetric 18° SDCM ≦3
Operating -35~45℃ Warranty 5 Years
Lifespan L50000h(L90,Tc=55℃) UGR C0<19,C90<19 (X=4H,Y=8H)

> 90Ra of High Color rendering index, truly restore the original color of the interior, add luster to the interior furniture

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3X3 Teco downlight-4

Matte surface, frosted treatment, more low-key luxury

Made of Aluminum,Aluminum material,increase heat dissipation area,air convection improve heat dissipation efficiency,

3X3 Teco downlight-5
3X3 Teco downlight-6

3000K Warm light Suitable for comfortable and warm atmosphere such as hotel, restaurant, coffee etc.

4000K Natural light Suitable for many daily activty areas for high lighting requirements such as office, home, retails etc.

Different lense optional:

Multi beam angle optical lenses are available to create general lighting and accent lighing as you like.Meet the application requirements of various spatial light environments.

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The safety of downlights. The main problem of downlights lies in the lamp sockets. The sockets of some off-brand downlights are not resistant to high temperature and are easily deformed, causing the bulbs to be unscrewed. All lamps can only be sold after passing the 3C certification, and consumers should choose the downlights that have passed the 3C certification. Another is that the thickness of the panel is very important, which determines the price of a downlight. No matter what downlights or spotlights are, heat is generated. Be careful not to get too close to the wall, so as not to make the wall yellow.

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