NECO Pro Free-standing Luminaire

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NECO Pro Free-standing adopt the Micro-prismatic diffuser with UGR<19. It’s creatively based on a unique design that directs light only to where it’s wanted and needed based on full-spectrum LED with a highly consistent lighting uniformity, soft light color, comfortable color temperature, no glare, no radiation, no flflicker, anti-blue light, so that the eyes are not fatigued, so as to truly protect the eyes and double the efficiency of learning or work, which is very suitable for working.

You can light your own space, or move easily to the place that you need, and can be adjusted to your own mood with the HCL technology. It is infinitely close to the sunlight, because of the high CRI. Although it has a very wide beam it has a very defifined visual cut-off. Light is focused and concentrated. And it is glare-free.


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● Easy for installation and maintenance
● High flflexibility and mobility for any indoor project
● Simple and understandable touch panel controls
● Mirco-prismatic diffffuser design with UGR<19
● High brightness with a total 10400lm(Ra80)
● Direct and indirect lighting separate control
● HCL lighting: Circadian light function
● Motion sensor and Daylight harvesting sensor optional



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