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  • SUNDOPT once again appeared at the 2024 Light+Building Exhibition in Germany
    Post time: 03-12-2024

    On March 8, 2024, the light+building2024—The world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology, a six-day global lighting industry event, concluded successfully at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany. Since its inception in 1999, the biennial Frankfurt Lighting Show ...Read more »

  • Preview: Trade fair exhibition with a focus on sustainability and digitalisation takes over 750 square meters in Messe Frankfurt’s Forum
    Post time: 11-17-2023

    Light + Building 2024 will take place in Frankfurt am Main from 3 to 8 March 2024 under the motto “Be electrified”. As an international meeting place for the lighting and building technology sector, the trade fair emphasises the central importance of electrification and focuses on tec...Read more »

  • Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2023 (Autumn Edition)
    Post time: 10-31-2023

    Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2023 (Autumn Edition) Sundopt participated in the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2023 (Autumn Edition) which was held from October 27 to 30,2023at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. We demonstrated our innovative designs and functional feature...Read more »

  • Post time: 05-03-2023

      As we know that it’s the first Canton Fair in China since the COVID-19 pandemic 2020. So many exhibitors and visitors from worldwide get together for the updates and information about the lighting products and services. The 2023 Canton Fair in Guangzhou is one of the biggest and oldest t...Read more »

  • Ra95 Mobile working lamp
    Post time: 12-08-2022

    NECO Desktop luminaire with an outstanding quality of light, and exclusive design create optimal visual conditions and an attractive atmosphere in the office. Thanks to individual setting options, everyone gets the light they want. Simply plug it in and you’re done. The NECO desktop lumina...Read more »

  • Why require the day-night rhythm for office lighting
    Post time: 12-08-2022

    As all we know, even today we spend most of our time indoors with artificial light. The biology of the human being is the result of millennia of evolution in natural light. This, therefore, has a significant influence on the human brain, emotions, and performance. We spend most of our time in bui...Read more »

  • Post time: 03-22-2022

    At the same time of production, pay attention to the light effect of the product. Under the treatment of nonlinear light effect, in the process of use, the light effect is clear and the pattern is clear. And the color of the light is very rich and natural. Gives a very comfortable visual effect. ...Read more »

  • What is Messe Frankfurt ?
    Post time: 11-10-2021

    Company profile              Messe Frankfurt is the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organiser with its own exhibition grounds. The Group employs almost 2,500 people at 29 locations around the globe.           Messe Frankfurt brings together future trends with new technologies, peo...Read more »

  • What is LED downlight?
    Post time: 11-02-2021

    LED downlight is a product improved and developed based on the new LED lighting source in the traditional downlight. Compared with the traditional downlight, it has the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, longevity, good color rendering and fast response speed LED downlight design is...Read more »

  • What is LED linear lighting ?
    Post time: 10-28-2021

    What  is  LED ?  Light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor that converts electrical energy into light energy. The basic structure of a light emitting diode is an electroluminescent semiconductor chip that sits on a shelf with leads and is sealed around by epoxy resin at the heart of the ligh...Read more »

  • Exhibition
    Post time: 06-22-2021

    The exhibition is a platform for industry manufacturers, dealers and traders to exchange, communicate and promote business.It's the best time for us to expand our overseas customers. As a manufacturer of professional interior lighting solutions, we won't miss it. Our mai...Read more »