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  • What is Messe Frankfurt ?
    Post time: 11-10-2021

    Company profile              Messe Frankfurt is the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organiser with its own exhibition grounds. The Group employs almost 2,500 people at 29 locations around the globe.           Messe Frankfurt brings together future trends with new technologies, peo...Read more »

  • What is LED downlight?
    Post time: 11-02-2021

    LED downlight is a product improved and developed based on the new LED lighting source in the traditional downlight. Compared with the traditional downlight, it has the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, longevity, good color rendering and fast response speed LED downlight design is...Read more »

  • What is LED linear lighting ?
    Post time: 10-28-2021

    What  is  LED ?  Light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor that converts electrical energy into light energy. The basic structure of a light emitting diode is an electroluminescent semiconductor chip that sits on a shelf with leads and is sealed around by epoxy resin at the heart of the ligh...Read more »

  • Exhibition
    Post time: 06-22-2021

    The exhibition is a platform for industry manufacturers, dealers and traders to exchange, communicate and promote business.It's the best time for us to expand our overseas customers. As a manufacturer of professional interior lighting solutions, we won't miss it. Our mai...Read more »