UVC Panel Light

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Sundopt Sterilization UVC Panel light is newly designed with high technical standard for office,hospital and clean rooms, especially for areas where Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is serious. The light fifixture include uvc leds and white color leds with dual function: Sterilization and general illumination. The UVC leds are hidden with a ventilation system, so harmless when sterilization function is on at any time.

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UVC Panel Light

● Standard diffffuser is nano-coating for passive sterilization for hospital, UGR<19 optional for offiffiffice area
● Active sterilization mode with ventilation system, 20CBM air clean within 1 hour
● High light effiffifficiency reach to 110lm/W
● Harmless for sterilization mode, 270-280nm UVC led light is invisible
● No noise for ventilation system, only 30dB for fan sound
● CE, RoHS Certifificated, 5 Years warranty


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UVC Panel Light

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