Juno series 360 Adjustable Surface Mounted Ceiling Spot Light GU10 Ceiling Lighting

Short Description:


• CRI>90Ra;

• No flickering;

• 5 years warranty;

Applications: Hotels, retails, shops, etc

MOQ: 200pcs

Supply ability: 50000pcs per month

Product Detail

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Juno-adjustable 8
Color Operating CCT Input IP IK Lifespan SDCM CRI
Black, White, Silver   2700-4000K optional AC 220-240 50Hz       ≤3 >90Ra
Size Dimmension(mm) Hole (mm) Wattage(W) Lumen(Lm) Beam angle(°)
2 inches φ65*71mm φ55mm 5W7W 210lm±10%300lm±10% 15°,24°,36-40°
3 inches φ85*95.6mm φ75mm 7W9W




4 inches φ110*128.8mm φ100mm 15W18W




5 inches φ135*143.6mm φ125mm 20W25W




6 inches φ160*175.2mm φ150mm 30W35W







Product Features:

Juno-adjustable 9

Classic aluminum, full of light and luxury

Using selected aluminum materials, long-term use does not get hot, protects the chip. Real material quality, exquisite frosting process, exquisite fashion, and more durable.

Juno-adjustable 10

>90Ra high CRI, the closer to 100Ra, the more realistic the object is restored.

Juno-adjustable 11

The light is soft and not dazzling, UGR<16 Reasonable optic design can get optimal glare-free control.

Juno-adjustable 12

How to choose without main light?

Before understanding the layout of the main lamp, we need to understand some common sense in the design of the main lamp. There are generally the following categories in the design of the main lamp: spotlights, downlights, light strips, track lights, etc. Spotlights are typical modern genre lighting without a main light and an indeterminate scale. The light line of the spotlight is soft, which can create an indoor lighting atmosphere, and can also be used for local lighting. It can also be freely combined to change the angle, and the lighting effect is ever-changing.

Downlights are named because they are shaped like barrels. There are surface mounted downlights and concealed downlights in the classification. The bottom of the concealed downlight is hidden by a suspended ceiling, only a small spot of light is exposed. Light strips are generally hidden in the ceiling, wall or floor, and are often used to outline the outline of the space. The typical design is to see the light but not the light. A light strip is designed under the small space storage board, which can make the visual space larger, and small partners can try it. Track lights, strictly speaking, should be a kind of spotlights.

Most of them appear in commercial decorations such as shopping malls, bookstores, museums, etc. However, because of their cool appearance, they can be well integrated with most home decoration styles. More and more people are choosing track lights at home. Among such types of lights, the most commonly used one is downlights.

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