Prisma Series 50W up and down lighting prisma aesthetic design rectangular led luminaire

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• UGR<19;

• Ultra slim;

• Aesthetic design;

Applications: Reception, open area for office, education,etc.

MOQ: 200pcs

Supply ability: 10000pcs per month

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Louva Evo Rectangle luminaire

Prisma 6
Product name Prisma Rectangular Luminaire
Size Prisma 7 Color Matt Black(RAL9005);Matt White(RAL9016);
Material Frame:Aluminium;     Lens:PMMA;     Diffusor:Microprismatic PMMA
Wattage 40W±10% 50W±10%  Lumen 4800lm (1600lm↑ +3200lm↓)6000lm (2000lm↑ +4000lm↓)
Voltage 200-240V 50/60Hz Efficacy 120lm/W
CRI >80Ra,   >90Ra CCT 3000K,4000K,3000-6500K tunable
SDCM ≦3  UGR <19(X=4H,Y=8H)
IP Protection IP20  Operating -35~45℃
IK Protection IK02 Warranty 5 Years
Lifespan L50000h(L90,Tc=55℃) Package 130x33x45cm(4pcs/carton)
prisma led luminaire

Aesthetic design Ultra slim

Owing to its ultra slim profile and streamline appearance,Prisma could highly meets the modern architectural lighting design concept.


1. When hanging way, prisma has the option of upper and lower luminous, upper luminous can reach 40%, lower luminous can reach 60%, upper and lower luminous together, creating a better sense of atmosphere and art.

2. The use of micro-prismatic diffusion cover makes the anti-glare better controlled, UGR <19, reducing visual fatigue. Unlike traditional opal panel lights, it is not easy to darken around.

3. Ultra-thin model with strong aluminium frame to protect the recessed panel from bending. The age-resistant PMMA (acrylic) lens emits a soft, even light without glare or flicker. Thanks to the integrated high-efficiency LEDs, the maintenance-free light lasts up to 50,000 hours. If it is operated for 10 hours a day, the service life can exceed 10 years.

4. Advantages in luminous efficiency, ordinary opal panel lights are around 100lm/w, while ours can reach 120lm/w.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection, no ultraviolet, infrared and mercury pollution; in line with current environmental standards.

6. Can be frequently switched on and off, no flicker and glare phenomenon; good colour rendering performance; strong anti-shock performance.

7. Non-isolated constant current drive, safe, stable and reliable.

8. Adopt imported light source and advanced heat dissipation technology, so that the average failure-free time of the product can reach two years.

Normal aging process:

Strictly control every step of manufacturing lighting fixtures, and every step of material delivery, production, aging, packaging, etc., is strictly implemented in accordance with the standards, and high-quality products are submitted to customers.


Suitable for office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, hotels, car parks, factory workshops, municipal projects, homes and other various lighting areas or decorative areas.

Services that can be supported:

Pre-sales service: luminaire specification, IES report, high resolution photos, physical drawings, product certificates (CE, ROHS), online video inspection samples, etc. After-sales service: If the lamp breaks down during the warranty period under normal use, we can provide repair service or restocking service, but all transportation costs incurred are borne by the buyer.


1. Consult a qualified electrician to ensure correct branch circuit conductor.

2. The product should be installed and operated by a qualified electrician or technician in accordance with relevant local codes.

3. Risk of electric shock. Ensure that main power source is off when wiring or soldering the sections of the product.

4. Before installing this fixture or doing any maintenance, make sure to turn off the power supply at the circuit breaker or fuse box.

5. Check to make sure that all fixture connections have been properly made and the fixture is grounded to avoid potential electrical shocks.

6. Do not handle energized fixture when hands are wet, when standing on wet or damp surfaces, or in water.

7. Designed for use in 220V~240V, 50/60 Hz protected circuit, supply wire.


Please read this entire manual to fully understand and safely use this product.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Please visit our website the most recent user guide versions.


mounting instruction_prisma series

DAMP LOCATIONS ONLY .Access above ceiling required. Do not install insulation within 70 mm (2. 76 in) of any part of the luminaire. Suitable for suspended ceilings.

Maximum ambient temperature is 40℃.

mounting instruction_prisma series-2
mounting instruction_prisma series-3
Prisma 2


Step1: Drilling 4nos中5 holes on ceiling, deep 30mm. review Picture 1 for the dimension.

Step2: Fix Suspension cable on the ceiling holes.

Step3: Align the holes on the bracket and screw on the J-Box. And fix the bracket on the J-Box.

Step4: Install suspension cables to top of panel on each side and tighten, adjust panel height and level.

Step5: Connect the input live wire to the transparent-white L wire of the panel light, connect the input neutral wire to the transparent wire of the panel light, connect the input earth wire to the yellow-green earth wire of the panel light.

Step6: Screw mounting box to bracket.

Step7: For multiple panel installation, see picture 7, then copy step 1 to step 6

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