The wiring board of led linear lights hides something you don’t know

At the same time of production, pay attention to the light effect of the product. Under the treatment of nonlinear light effect, in the process of use, the light effect is clear and the pattern is clear. And the color of the light is very rich and natural. Gives a very comfortable visual effect. Therefore, it is very suitable for installation in public places, and the line lamp has a unique color changing function. It can make the overall outdoor lighting look more dazzling and attract more people’s attention in commercial applications. Therefore, such LED line lights are deeply favored by people. The products have undergone a series of production processes to ensure strong product stability, and are durable and reliable in long-term use.

When making led line lights, the essential raw materials are our circuit boards, light sources, electronic system components, shells, glue, waterproof design wiring and other materials. If you think that the circuit board only has PCB board and aluminum substrate board, it is wrong!
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There are also many quality levels of pcb boards. Yunnan line lights are wholesale. Most of the cheap line lights on the market are made of secondary pcb boards, which are easy to delaminate after being heated, and the copper foil is too thin and easy to fall off. The adhesion is not good. The copper foil layer and the pcb board layer are easy to separate, not to mention the stability of the circuit. Do you expect the circuit to be stable when the board is like this? No kidding, everyone is busy! Most cheap line lights are Not properly wired and tested for reliability and stability. And the products produced by regular LED line light manufacturers will definitely do so in order to be sold in the market.

Only the circuit board can find so many problems. Are you still using the “flat, beautiful and positive” “it” for lighting projects? Don’t be fooled by some luck, the project is not small and the disassembly and assembly are very expensive. It may be used for half a year without a problem, but it does not guarantee whether we can work normally during the learning period of 2-3 years that you need to guarantee the quality of life. Take as much risk as you can.

Post time: Mar-22-2022